Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Summer Time is Here-Mommy School Time

I starting packing up the classroom today.  We dismissed early due to possible inclement weather coming!  This means I had less time than normal for a last student day to get things cleaned up.  So tomorrow I have to do final records, draw for next year's class, clean up, and pack up the room.  I have a cabinet that I really need to clean and straighten but I'm not sure if it will get done!
So starting Friday, summer break is here!  I'm going to be doing some Mommy School for my boys.  I thought I would do this last year, but it never really worked out.  So instead of leaving it to chance, I'm making a plan.  We are going to do a reading and math time each day Monday-Friday.  I have ordered the Advanced Math Kit from Brilliant Minds Montessori.  I'm hoping the beginning lessons are on Cd for Cady Bug (I already have the materials at school.) and I'll start with the Advanced Lessons with Coll.  If he flies through those I'll use some of the lessons at  Coll has had no real Montessori experience so I think the advanced lessons will work for a while.  Coll will be continuing the Singapore Math he started last year and so I want to give him a good math foundation this summer.

For reading I have a subscription to Raz-kids for Coll.  I love this because he can work independently at his own pace and read books of his interest.  I'm going to start sandpaper letter 3 part lessons with Cady Bug.  (I have some plastic tactile letters that I will use as a substitute for these.)  He knows the name of most letters but needs to learn the sounds. Then I'll move him into the objects.  So let Mommy School begin!

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