Thursday, July 15, 2010

Other $1 Finds

I forgot to post about my other finds the other day.  I stopped in at Michaels.  I was looking for dollhouse items for my phonetic object boxes but apparently Michaels does not carry these or at least not at my store.  So while browsing, I found their $1 aisle.  I could have gone crazy but I restrained myself!  Anyway they had these little items called CrazErasers.  I had not heard of them but apparently they are very popular as Amazon had the same sets listed at $5.99.  There are some gross ones like a toilet with "stuff", but they also have some food items so I picked up ones that had a hot dog, a tray, bread and "jam"-the jam comes off so it will go in my pink box, cereal "box", milk.  These are not flimsy little erasers like Oriental Trading sells.  They are quite thick, 3d, and have some "weight" to them.  Should hold up okay. 
I ended up with lots of short a items for my pink boxes and a few items for my blue and greeen boxes between these and my order from miniature marketplace.  So I bit the bullet and ordered a pink and blue phonetic object box from Montessori 123.  Has anyone ordered from this company?  Hope they are worth it!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New Finds for Montessori Educators (others may like them too!)

I visited my local Dollar Tree yesterday.  I picked up some locker organizers which are perfect for holding/displaying 3 part cards and some of the small locker organizers for holding/displaying smaller card material. 
-(Speaking of small card material, please post how you organize your phonetic material.  I love the little drawer organizers but the ones I've seen the drawers don't come out so I don't know how the children get them from the drawer to their area without spilling.  I found some cool very small containers with pink lids at Hobby Lobby but no blue or green :(
Okay, back to Dollar Tree-in the toy section they have wooden cut out type numbers with math symbols (they are also magnetic-which adds a nice work option).  These are perfect for math work.  I picked up 4 packs of these.

I have just about finished getting all my materials that I've made printed, laminated, cut-out, and stored for easy finding.  I still have to make pink phonetic booklets and blank booklets for phonics work.  I have also created my own blue lined papers for writing work .I will be posting these on teacherspayteachers as a digital download pack for $3.  These include marker paper for teacher/child writing, single lined strips for letter work or individal word/sentence writing, and story paper.  These are based on the papers in the book, Montessori in the Classroom. 

I have recently purchased Montessori Today and am reading it.  I like it but not nearly as much as Montessori in the Classroom.  I wish there was a publication of all Mrs. Polk's diary entries.  I think I could learn so much from her writing about the classroom!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Calendar Work

As mentioned in previous posts, I fell in love with the book, "Montessori in the Classroom" and
I'm using it to plan for August. One of the ideas I fell in love with was the monthly calendar making. This is great for life skills, number sequence, number formation, and more. I have created 2 sets of calendars for August-December for my class. One set is completely traceable and the other has the number grid blank. The traceable on can be used as a model for advanced students and students having difficulty can trace them each month. These are available at for $1 for the Aug-Dec. set. When I finish the spring set, I will post those there too. Please note that I am not doing this to "make lots of money". I receive $.30 from each dollar item I sell. My hope to get a little back for the time I have invested to help me with new materials for my class.

New Sources for Materials!

I have been a busy beaver-busy at planning for school in August (and my house shows it!). At this time I am rewarding myself with a few minutes at the computer for each household task I complete.
As I mentioned previously, I finally bought and read, "Montessori in the Classroom". If you haven't read it, it is a wonderful source for anyone teaching multiple children in a Montessori way. After reading it I really pondered with the idea of using insets for design with my "firsties".
I wondered if their developmental level would make them useless after a few months, but many people on the Montessori email rings convinced me that they would continue to be used so I took off on a quest to find an inexpensive set. Not as easy as it sounds. Yes, some sights have an inexpensive set or a plastic set but by the time you factor in their shipping costs-they are not that cheap! So I am sharing with you the fruits of my labor...

I discovered that Didax Learning Materials makes a set called, "Montessori shapes". I searched the internet w/0 finding a great price so I went to
One company, Wizard of Math, offers them for $21.96 and factor in the 8.99 shipping=$30.99
Now, I have my insets but I need the tracing tray. Amazon doesn't have them. I checked Adena, Caliber Montessoir, and Ifit. They have them for around $12 but when you factor in their shipping cost, it's not such a great deal. I ended up buying from KidAdvance (I have no previous experience with them, so I'm crossing my fingers!). Their's is $13.99 and shipping for the one item is $8. I went ahead and ordered a few more small items I needed such as replacement smallest cube for pink tower, a clearance priced map of North America, and a few puzzles on clearance. With these additional my shipping only went up to $14 which is not bad for Montessori ordering. (Housework break)
I'm back and will now share another cool find of mine...
I am wanting to build up my phonetic material for the upcoming year. I have toyed for 2 years now with the idea of using the phonetic objects. I know I can use pictures, but those little things are so darn cute! After rereading Paula Polk Lillard this morning, I came across another rationale for them-the small motor skills it builds by the children having to use the pincher grasp (what they need for good penmanship) to pick them up. So that sold me. I had intended to hit Dollar General and Hobby Lobby in my quest for cheap little objects. Then I had the idea to check since I already had an order pending and maybe I could save a little on shipping. While browsing there I came across the goldmine in the sponsered links at the bottom of the page. I found a site, called, Miniature Marketplace and went in search. They have a section called special deals. Here is a copy of what I ordered and the cost for my pink phonetic objects:
IM66250 - WASH TUB1.78
IM65003IM65003 - BEACH TOYS2.10
IM65044IM65044 - FRYING PAN0.85
IM65039 - VANITY SET 1.70
IM65045IM65045 - CLOCK1.05
IM65060IM65060 - COPPER POTS1.45
IM65024IM65024 - BEAGLE1.25
IM65221sIM65221- BROWN CRAFT BAG0.71
B1SANTA HAT - B10.25
w162 WHITE CUPS - 0.30
G4758LARGE HAY BALE - 0.7510.75
IM65446IM65446 - CAT, GREY TABBY 1.57
RYK4155RYK4155 - MOPS, 2 PCS 1.26
RYN5505RYN5505 - LARGE MUG0.63
Shipping was a mere $5.85 so all these items for a total of $24-most of the sets include more than one item so I also have replacements.