Monday, April 4, 2011

March has Blown Away!

It is always amazing to me how the spring semester flies by.  March is already gone with the wind.  We had lots of rain and some minor road flooding.  Luckily, we were not blocked in by flooding!  In '97 it was so bad, I had to go an hour out of my way to get to work! 
Unfortunately, I have not gotten as far in math as I would have liked.  Our elementary has had lots of special programs lately that have interrupted our morning schedule.  When that happens, I usually skip our independent work time as I'm afraid it would cause too much frustration to get  work out, get started and have to stop or not have time to finish. 
I do have one group that has gotten to the numeral parts of the golden bead lessons.  They were able to create numbers in the thousands easily using all 4 places.  I can't wait to move them into operations with the beads!  I also have to get out my 100 and 1000 bead chains and show them how to use them. 

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