Thursday, July 15, 2010

Other $1 Finds

I forgot to post about my other finds the other day.  I stopped in at Michaels.  I was looking for dollhouse items for my phonetic object boxes but apparently Michaels does not carry these or at least not at my store.  So while browsing, I found their $1 aisle.  I could have gone crazy but I restrained myself!  Anyway they had these little items called CrazErasers.  I had not heard of them but apparently they are very popular as Amazon had the same sets listed at $5.99.  There are some gross ones like a toilet with "stuff", but they also have some food items so I picked up ones that had a hot dog, a tray, bread and "jam"-the jam comes off so it will go in my pink box, cereal "box", milk.  These are not flimsy little erasers like Oriental Trading sells.  They are quite thick, 3d, and have some "weight" to them.  Should hold up okay. 
I ended up with lots of short a items for my pink boxes and a few items for my blue and greeen boxes between these and my order from miniature marketplace.  So I bit the bullet and ordered a pink and blue phonetic object box from Montessori 123.  Has anyone ordered from this company?  Hope they are worth it!

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