Friday, July 2, 2010

Calendar Work

As mentioned in previous posts, I fell in love with the book, "Montessori in the Classroom" and
I'm using it to plan for August. One of the ideas I fell in love with was the monthly calendar making. This is great for life skills, number sequence, number formation, and more. I have created 2 sets of calendars for August-December for my class. One set is completely traceable and the other has the number grid blank. The traceable on can be used as a model for advanced students and students having difficulty can trace them each month. These are available at for $1 for the Aug-Dec. set. When I finish the spring set, I will post those there too. Please note that I am not doing this to "make lots of money". I receive $.30 from each dollar item I sell. My hope to get a little back for the time I have invested to help me with new materials for my class.

1 comment:

  1. Since I haven't seen the book I have no real idea what this idea is.

    I like to have the children trace a grayscale of the current month's calendar and has times moves through the year I remove more and more numbers.

    I also use homemade pieces for the numbers so that I can work with patterns. (Red/green apples for September.)