Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Green Phonetic Material

If you haven't figured out from my posts yet, I love finding great materials that are cheap or free. Unfortunately, most of the free providers of phonetic material have run out of time or energy before they have gotten to the green level material. I had forgotten about the green materials that I downloaded from My Montessori Journey. I love her idea of using letter stamps for the children to stamp the words if their coordination is not ready to write (I have 4 sets of the traceable letter stamps). I have also have some cool phonics stamps that I am going to use with the phonetic material that I got with a grant from Lakeshore Learning.

Another source that I had forgotten about is The Prepared Environment. I love their dollar store. I have the phonogram 3 part cards and will probably download their phonogram folders because I think it is well worth the $2 to have them already made!

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