Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Beginning

I am starting this blog for other moms and teachers who want to ponder into Montessori methods with their children and students.
I am a teacher with a specialist degree in reading. In college I discovered Montessori and fell in love with it. I did a lot of self study and wanted to open my own school upon finishing college. However, my dreams soon became sqashed with the need for employment that included benefits such as health insurance.
I fell in love with the school where I did my student teaching and became employed there.
I have been very happy with my classroom teaching and methods until I started searching for ways to challenge my son who is in kindergarten and stimulate my one year old who was a preemie. During my internet search, I have rediscovered Montessori and my love of it.


  1. I look forward to sharing ideas with you!

  2. Neat! So, do you homeschool? Or are you incorporating the Montessori ideas with your children after work/school?

    I, too, look forward to your posts!

  3. Congratulations on finding Montessori again, it will be an exciting journey, with many dividends in the end. I look forward to following your posts.

  4. looking forward to visiting again...what an absolutely gorgeous picture you posted on your first entry!

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  6. I do not homeschool. My son attends the school where I am employed. When we are able, I do school things with him at home. We had a lot of time during the recent ice storm so we got some quality school time together then.